What Do I Need to Know?


Will I have to wait a long time?
Because your time is important, we want to keep your waiting time to a minimum. When you call, tell the receptionist all of the reasons for your office visit, so that she can provide ample time with the doctor. We pay special attention to scheduling, so please make sure that you also arrive on time for your visits.

We make every effort to see people who are acutely ill on the day they call for an office visit. We also will try to fit the acutely injured patient into our schedule, however, on these days our office may run behind.

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Should I call in my prescriptions?
Call the pharmacy directly for prescriptions requiring refills. We generally do not refill prescriptions for narcotic pain relievers, tranquilizers, or sleep medications without an office visit. It is not our policy to refill prescriptions for antibiotics. If you still do not feel well after taking your full course of antibiotics, contact our office.

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What do I need to know about electronic medical records?
The Village Medical Centers are amongst the first in the nation to use a state-of-the-art computerized medical record system. As such, your medical record can be accessed quickly by any of our physicians from either office location. Prescriptions (and office notes) are typewritten and thus legible.

Therefore we usually will not incorporate into your new medical record the actual handwritten notes from your previous physicians. Instead, we will summarize from the old records the information we need and place it within your new computerized record. Your old paper records can then be passed back to you for your safekeeping.

Confidentiality of medical information is one of the cornerstones of the doctor-patient relationship. We take this very seriously. Please do not request medical information about another adult family member.

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